Storm Surges

The Northeast United States is about to be (in the process of being) hit (deluged, attacked, brought under the dominion of) a Category 1 Hurricane given the name of “Sandy”. I think of her as Sandra Dee, but that’s just because of my love of Olivia Newton John and Grease.
Introduction aside, here is my thesis of the evening: we are more than the sum of our parts (numbers). But, we’ll come back to that in a few moments. Let’s get to meat of this, shall we?

Tonight, I’ve been inundated by, and have inundated, my friends with texts along the lines of: “Are you prepared for the storm? Do you have everything you need? Do you have enough booze? Do you have enough food? Do you need a place to stay?” — all amounting to the basic question of “how are you?”

For the most part all of us have hunkered down – we’ve gone to ground with food, wine, Scrabble, and movie marathons. We’ve taken the opportunity to don sweats and hibernate with our loved ones. We’ve taken the time.

Generally, we’re all too busy for these sort of mundane things. Now, Sandra Dee is far from the storm of the century (I won’t even begin to discuss the Storm Porn, as I refer to it, that the news media is running with about this) – but it is significant enough to close roads, shut down public transportation, and encourage those of us who do not work in emergency worker capacity (as does my brother and many of our friends) to stay home and stay safe. It is significant enough to make us stop the day-to-day and think about that which is more important.

Bringing this back to my thesis stated above, we are more than the sum of parts (numbers), is the acknowledgement that people care about people. We can find ways to weight and weigh those who are closest, or furthest, from us. Is it the number of emails or texts we exchange on a regular basis? Is it how many hours we spend together? We can quantify to the nth degree; technology and personal interest combine together to allow for that.

However, on days/nights like these, where we’re menaced by things bigger than our individual thoughts and outside of our individual power, it quickly becomes apparent what, and who, matters — you can’t quantify or anticipate that. Seriously, you can’t.

We are more than the sum of our numbers – keep it in context.

[And, if you’re in the Northeast of the US, stay safe.]

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