Accepting Ignorance

I’ve been puttering around the house for days thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Inevitably, this type of forced staycation/work-from-home when you must (not want) leads to a bit of dusting and organization.

For me, that meant going back over old files, saved notes, etc., and I came across this gem called Embracing the Zeroes. Go read it and then come back.

I remember the first time I read that quote and it struck me for its bold and basic honesty. Everybody today is an expert on everything – and in cases where we don’t know something, instead of accepting that perceived lack, we Google/Wikipedia/ al. it.

That’s not okay and I’ll tell you why.

Because I feel that when everyone becomes everything to everyone, we flatten ourselves. There is this curious joy to be found in meeting someone who knows about something you don’t; this interchange of knowledge and experience…it’s essential to the building and deepening of relationships.

When we fail to exercise “deletionism”, when we become uncomfortable with knowing “nothing” (that absence), we have been made less by having more.

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