Things worth talking about

I think the entire world knows about TED: Ideas worth spreading. In that strange way that things build up critical mass and approach a tipping point (my regards to Mr. Gladwell for the coining and popularisation of term that also reached its tipping point), it had a stellar year or two and now is getting criticism for having overplayed its hand and potentially not added all that much value.

I disagree. TED, at minimum, now has people talking more about the big things, about the wicked problems, and it’s opened up this forum that finds its foundations and aspirations in “systems thinking” and “cross-pollination” and the “interdisciplinary”. I think that’s a great thing.

However, I always like to take the corporate, the public, the vast, and make it personal, intimate, and individually-applicable. I’ve recently started taking notes everywhere (and on everything, the back of a documents, sticky pads, on paper coffee cups, napkins, etc.) on things that I think are worth talking about. Here are the five top ones for the month:

  1. Rehabilitation of the terms “hazing”, “hierarchy”, and “fear” (no, these are not random because yes, I believe them to be related)
  2. Living ethics versus talking ethics
  3. The pernicious replacement of polite with PC
  4. The Systemisation of Life As We Know It (capitalisation is deliberate)
  5. The Equilateral Life Triangle: Finding the balance between work, self, and the family

Obviously, some of these topics (#2 and #5) are not new, and some are not at all surprising (#3). But, I think there is still fresh ground to be churned up on it, and for other items (#1 and #4), I firmly believe there is simply ground that must be broken.

Any things that you have on your mind that you think are worth talking about?

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