Tricky Time

Today, I commented to a colleague that time doesn’t work the way that it should. We all know that when we’re younger the days drag on, but the seconds do not. Yet, somehow as adults, the seconds drag forever, and yet we lose entire days, weeks, months even! to…to we know not what.

So, while trolling Bobulate, I came across this: “A system of irreconcilable regularities” and it’s sending link to a review of Elliot Carter’s music / German pre-Romantic philosopher Johann Georg Hamman’s thought that the “sense of music was given to man to make it possible to measure time”, was a nice reminder that I haven’t lost it, but it’s true.

Time is different and while it, I suppose, moves forward second by second, inch by inch, how we individually experience it can be vastly different (though in parallel) and, most obviously, make for a larger, more complex, grander, and definitively quite interesting collective experience.

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