To take the job or not? – Part 1

A few days ago, a good friend of mine sent me over a blank forward with two job opportunities. I was headed out the door and shot him off a quick note for us to meet later, but while I sat on the train, I decided to think through my response…

And then I sketched it out over 3 pages (of which I can’t show you because it’s not anonymized)…

And then I made a table + chart that looked similar to this:

career model

Now, that’s really rough but it reminded me of something I had created a few years ago. It was a rather involved Excel spreadsheet, a “career model”, which I used to make a decision on whether or not to change jobs. I also mocked up another version of it with more graphics and better math for another friend just last year.

I’ve decided to revisit all of that work and make the following changes:

  1. Reduce the individuality of it
  2. Add in user-directed weighting of criteria
  3. Automate the trend icons
  4. Create the “job curve” graph above [which I recognize is the wrong term, but you get the idea]

I’m going to work on this over the next few days and I’ll try to get it posted by if not this weekend, the following at the latest.

In the meantime, are there any particular set of tools you’ve used or created while looking for a job or even thinking about what you like/dislike about the one you already have? I know these decisions aren’t as cut and dried as putting numbers into a ‘model’ and then getting an answer out, but I find they can help “manage the noise”.

I’m curious as to what works for everyone else. Share if you’re comfortable with doing so!


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