Trending: Windowless Planes

Have you seen this article on Quartz that came out yesterday? “Windowless plans could be here in 10 years — and they look amazing”

I log a lot of miles every year, domestic and international, and I have to admit, I’m excited by the idea of a “windowless” plane, whether it comes about by:

  1. An actual see-through glass structure
  2. A projected image, controlled by the crew
  3. A projected image, controlled by the passenger

I recognize that some people would be absolutely terrified, but I think it would be a good change. Why do I say that?  

Because, we’ve gotten so comfortable being insulated from nature. So many of us walk with our heads buried in our smartphones, our ears plugged with up with music or podcasts, and it’s almost as if we forget that we live, feet on the ground, nose in the air, in a physical place.

Sunday night, on my flight in from the Dominican Republic, my friend and I had a child sitting next to us, she was at most 12 years old, and her little sister was sitting on her lap. The wonder in their faces from seeing the lights of New York City as we were getting ready to land was palpable, electric, and such a great reminder that “old technology” can still be an awe-inspiring thing.

Imagine if “new” technology could bring back that joy and awe.

Windowless planes – wow, I can’t wait!

What about you? Ready to catch a flight, look outside, and feel like you could touch the sky?

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