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The Weekly Wrap Up – Jan 25

In case you missed it, some clippings I held back from this week’s articles from Uber, Axial, Slate, The Atlantic, and LinkedIn Pulse.  

22 January 2015
UBER: In the Driver’s Seat: A Closer Look at the Uber Partner Experience
Jonathan Hall, Policy Research Lead @ Uber

My thoughts: I still need to let this marinate a bit before I come back with a meaningful response. On one hand, I think it’s great that Uber has attempted to peel back the onion – and thinking of my previous commentary on how they need to play better with others, this is a step – and yet, the cynical side of me says wait for some other shoe to drop.

AXIAL: Millennials Driving New Investor Interest in Home Furniture Industry
Jerry Epperson, Managing Director @ Mann, Armistead & Epperson, Ltd.

My thoughts: For once the Millennials are not getting beaten up. Instead, they are getting older (I know, shocking but it had to happen eventually) and there is anticipation for their aging = their investment in houses + furnishing said houses = M&A opportunity. That said, I think the recession will maintain a certain blanket element on this prospect, but it’s worth some consideration.

23 January 2015
SLATE: I Was a Flight Attendant and I Also Thought SkyMall Was Incredibly Weird
Jeff Friedrich, Associate Editor @ Slate

My thoughts: I don’t think I will miss SkyMall, but it is very much a case of another one bites the dust. Or, has been biting the dust, but now is done with the meal? Interesting tidbit of an article and I always like to see the human spin on cold, rational economic decisions.

THE ATLANTIC: Why I Am Not a Maker
Debbie Chachra, PhD, Associate Professor of Materials Science @ Olin College of Engineering

My thoughts: I love the nuanced consideration that is being given to gender, history, culture, and technology. After the 2014 tech “war on women”, it is obvious that we need to consider technology and *tech* culture from a view broader than the Silicon Valley male nerd hacker king. We are all more than just something that can be “put in a box and [sold]”; the divide and primacy of one versus the other devalues us all.

24 January 2015
LINKEDIN PULSE: How To Get A Job You’re Not Qualified For
Liz Ryan, CEO & Founder @ The Human Workplace

My thoughts: Liz Ryan is one of my favorite writers and LinkedIn influencers for too many reasons than I can list here. Her posts are always spot on, practical, and her voice is unique and accessible. She is good at turning items on the head, like this – this is about making sure when you interview (or pitch yourself), you a) lead and b) connect so that c) you get what you are looking for. Go read it – now.


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