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Pay attention to the details

Every newspaper, newsmagazine, news site, et al., has hyper-focus on one thing:

Clinton v. Trump, 2016.

Now, obviously, the election of the next president in the US is front-page news. It will impact the US domestically and all of its interests abroad, as well. But, this country is not run by one person. The executive branch runs things hand-in-hand with Congress, i.e., the Senate and the House of Representatives, and also with the Supreme Court.

But! it does not stop there. What are the first words in the Constitution? Do you recall? Yes: “We the People…”

So on Tuesday, the 8th day in the month of November, in the year 2016, the People also get a vote…on a variety of ballot measures which will also have significant impact on how we live our lives in these here United States.

By the numbers…
There are 155 ballot measures under consideration in this years election across 34 states. Of the major topics that have shown up in this election Criminal Justice has 19; and Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy has 16 measures, 10 which are related to legalization and taxation of marijuana in some capacity; Environmental Protection (including Energy) has 10 measures, and shockingly there are ballot measures for Abortion.

Where are the voting People the loudest?
California has a very active voice with 17 and followed by Alabama with 14 and South Dakota with 10.

…and where are the People a bit more quiet?
Texas, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Delaware, Iowa, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia.

Why should we all care?
Because the devil is always in the details. From the legalization of marijuana, to the raising of education, transportation, and environmental bonds that will impact our infrastructure and our climate. This is where change happens in this country: it starts local, moves between towns, and counties, and cities, and then sweeps states as it changes the face of a nation.

Pay attention, pay attention: even great winds start as soft breezes.


Source: National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) via the Ballot Measures Database

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