About Me

Hi! I’m Cassandra. I solve wicked problems.

How? I use a few different skills. In no particular order:
+ financial modeling
+ financial analysis
+ strategy assessment
+ strategic planning
+ market analysis
+ organizational analysis

I’ve also had a few different titles and functional roles along the way:
+ management analyst / consultant
+ strategy manager / consultant
+ business analyst
+ product manager
+ project manager
+ data strategist

You see, the titles change dependent on the organization, but the real challenge remains the same:

1) There exists a problem that an organization thinks they have (symptoms)
2) Then I analyze it and find out the problem they really have (root cause)
3) Then I fix it, and (plan + project execution)
4) Then I write down the ‘rules to the road’ so that the problem doesn’t repeat (lessons learned)

When not doing that — so during the early morning hours, at lunch, in the evening, on a plane headed somewhere, on a weekend morning — I write about it here (or on LinkedIn). And other things, too. Occasionally, I also do some teaching (ask me about that).

I care personally and deeply about the following things:

People. Data. Finance. Energy. Regulation. Economic sustainability. Culture. Doing good work. Reading books. Writing. Speaking. Modern culture. The modernization / decline / evolution / refactoring of language. Privacy. Food and cooking. Weightlifting. Classical piano. Urban photography. Whiteboards.

Let’s have a conversation.

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