About Me

Hi! I’m Cassandra. I help early-stage cleantech and renewable energy companies find capital.

I started working in finance in 2005 and 15 years later, I’m still in it. Over that time, I’ve worked in IT, back office, middle office, and front office. I’ve been in investment banking, asset management, commercial banking, and credit ratings. I’ve also been in energy and spent time at more than one start-up.

I’ve seen a lot!

Last year, I founded a capital markets consulting firm called Sif Capital Advisors. Why? A few reasons. I have a business partner – his name is Rob – and he’s been in this business 15+ years, too. We’re excited to help companies access the debt capital markets to help grow their businesses. Anyone can find capital – I believe there are lots of avenues to that – but finding the right capital while sorting out your corporate strategy, legal structure, and avoiding the typical pitfalls? We think that’s immensely valuable and necessary for creating stable + sustainable companies that are going to help solve our energy and climate crisis.

When not Sif Capital work — so during the early morning hours, or Sunday mornings, or on a plane headed somewhere (and I’m on a plane headed somewhere often) — I write about all things finance-related here (or on LinkedIn). And other topics, too. Occasionally, I also do some teaching and entrepreneurship / startup mentoring.

I keep busy, obviously.

I care personally and deeply about, and when it’s an activity, I enjoy doing, the following things:

People. Finance. Data. Renewable Energy. Cleantech. Economic sustainability. Culture. Doing good work. Reading books. Writing. Speaking. The modernization / decline / evolution / refactoring of language. Privacy. Food and cooking. Swimming. Classical piano. Urban photography. Whiteboards. (Really, don’t get me started on whiteboards),

Let’s have a conversation.

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